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We are a modern Medical Clinic

St Marys Skin Cancer And Cosmetic Clinic

We offer a extensive range of Skin Cancer treatments and services from sun spots management – wrinkle reduction – acne removal and management – pigmentation – mole removal – skin tightening – scar treatments – and Flap & skin graft surgery. We use new technologies and techniques to treat skin problems.

Doctors at St Marys Skin Cancer and Cosmetic Clinic are dedicated in detection, diagnose and full treatment and prevention of the Skin Cancer.

We are always ready to help you whether you need an advice or treatment. You are welcome to book/make an appointment toady so that we can help you to have beautiful flawless skin and confident future.

Dr Parag Das

After many years of experience,working in various places  Dr. Parag Das is now in St Marys. His wealth of knowledge with depth of experience and skills gained helps the patients in treating them with utmost care.

Dr. Das is an Australian based health professional who has been practicing skin cancer medicine and surgery in Sydney. After finishing working as a Registrar in Canberra hospital, he obtained his fellowship from The Royal Australian College of General Practitioner. He also has a Diploma in Children Health from Sydney University.

Dr. Das pursued his clinical interest in skin diseases and skin cancer, which motivated him to attend further training and education in this field.

He holds the following degree and certificates in the field of skin cancer medicine and surgery:

  • Diploma in dermatology
  • Diploma in skin cancer surgery
  • Certificate in skin cancer medicine
  • Certificate in dermatoscopy
  • Certificate in botox injection and dermo filler.